First Lady President with Crime Records. Applause!!!


India’s first Lady president, OOops Sonia’s Joke to Nation, Ooops a social-pest, Again I forgot Criminal too. Meet Mrs.Prathibha Patil.

I guess we should raise funds to buy Sonia & Co to buy a televisions, so that they atleast hear, see and understand that the candidate they are supporting has a background!!!!

Newspapers, Media, television everything is flooding of Mrs.Patil’s balcklist activities.

Why are they doing such things? Keep some respect for the Man, whom she is replacing.

Bloddy Politics they just want all uneducated people to fill the seats.

Openings in Indian Politics:

Qualifications, all are mandatory:

1. NO education

2. Crime record

3. Media full of black activities

4. Support from fellow illiterates “Sonia”, “Manmohan”

Shit, we Indians should hang our heads in shame for having such a lady as President.

You can read the complete “History-Geography-Biography” of this lady here

I hear that people have self-respect, dignity and morale values in life, Mrs.Patil are you aware of any of these words? If yes, please resign.

Yours loving
Indian Citizen


About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

4 responses to “First Lady President with Crime Records. Applause!!!”

  1. Mohan says :

    This is seriously unfortunate for the whole country that Sonia and Manmohan illiterate and seriously bastard people did not even care for the post and the person who it was to replace. Congress has gone overboard when pursuing its selfish goals lot of times. I wish they never come to power again. And let this be the lesson they learn.

  2. TheCruisemaniac says :

    Dude… This is India… Apna ishtyle hi kuch alag hai!!!

  3. Nova says :

    I do not know about Sonia. But, Manmohan singh is a highly educated guy. It pains u to see such worthy men doing such un-worthy things!!!

    And well what can one say! Pratibha patil looks like she is here to stay 😦

  4. Jumana says :

    yep nova is right shri manmohan is highly qualified. and as far as congress is concerned i feel entire indian politics is shit. whether congress or bjp or bsp or watsoever. where we cud have been till now n whr we are its gift of our corrupt politicians. n misery is tht we elect these ppl. seriously i feel civilians shud take a strong stand and boycott bloody government. we now need a freedom struggle against corruption.

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