BarCamp Bangalore: Collectives Edition 28th-29th July!!!!


BarCamp days are back!!!!

BarCamp Bangalore 4 , is based on Collectives this time. Collective as in a small core group of people who gather to share/learn/network with people of same interest!!!

BCB4 is on 28th & 29th July @IIM, Bangalore. 

This would be my 2nd BCB unconference in Bangalore.

I am leading the “BangAJAX Collective“. But I would be hopping around other collectives as well 🙂

Some of which include Start-ups, UI Collective, Bloggers and ofcourse Hacknight 🙂

So if you happen to be present in BCB4, drop a comment we shall catch for a coffee.

Btw, that reminds of meeting Himanshu, Yousuf, Vibhash, Ashwin, Anil others for the first time during BCB3, who now are buddies.

See you there!!!!



About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

3 responses to “BarCamp Bangalore: Collectives Edition 28th-29th July!!!!”

  1. meninweb says :

    Sridhar, Hope we will meet there

  2. srinix says :

    Hey buddy,

    Yes for sure we shall meet there!!!


  3. Tauseef says :

    Sridhar, hope to see you there!! 🙂

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