BCB4: Summary of my expr!!!!

Okay, so as I promised in my previous post, I am updating my expr about Barcamp Bangalore Collectives Edition.

On saturday morning, I started bit late, so I reached the venue, IIM-Bangalore around 10:30am. I entered into Auditorium to learn that the intro section is over 🙂

Met Jayanth, Himanshu, Ashwin and other folks from Bloggers community.

Right after that in Bloggers collective I gave a small talk on “How to create a Audio/Video Podcast”. Rest for another 2 hrs I was in Bloggers Collective till lunch.

Now, the real fun begins!!!!

After lunch, I was feeling damn sleepy. So thought Auditorium would be a ideal place to sleep for a hr or so. When I went there, I find “Shourya Sarcar & Jayanth” for Unband Collective.

Shourya took a session about Basics of guitar for begineers which I found very useful. Next few hrs went so fast that I didnt realize that Day-1 of BCB4 was almost over!!!!

Then, was real unconference style. Shourya, Jayanth, Peter started jamming on some rock songs. Loved it.

Day-2 Sunday, usually its a thumb rule for unconferences that only “serious” crowd shows up. so it usually starts a bit late.

I reached by 10:30am. Then after intro session, I headed towards “BangAJAX” collective which I was leading. We were some 30-35 guys in a classroom. though we had only 3 talks but I can say we discussed on various topics some of which included intro to web 2.0/ajax, web IDE aptana, Chunk coding, Comet, Push-technology, SEO on ajax apps, security etc etc. In all it was short and sweet, more of open discussion rather than PPT stuff.

We had only three 3 talks.

1. Introduction to Web 2.0 & Ajax — I took it

2. SEO for AJAX powered sites — Allagapan(a Y!), claims to be newbie, but was not 🙂

3. Yahoo UI Library & Yahoo Maps — Shivku, a Y!, works on Yahoo Maps India.

Thanks a ton to everyone who participated in this collective.

Okay, after this session, I went straight for lunch 🙂

Oooops I forgot to tell you that Shourya dada has shown interest in teaching us guitar on first day, so I carried my guitar too.

Dada started teaching us, soon we joined Jay’s session how to make music without instruments. This guy is one crazy fellow for Rock music 🙂

After this session, the real learning part of BCB started. Shourya dada taught some basics of chords, 1-3-5 rule, and other simple YET must needed ones. I must tell you, he has lot of patience. Imgaine listening to 3 of us me, pradeep {mapunity} & yuvraj playing some really noisy stuff and he with full zest was encouraging us!!!!

Well, we did the practice till evening, before the wrapping up of BCB4. Next BCB is in November.

I did write about my learning during BCB, but I thought why not make a simple tutorial of what Shourya dada taught. So expect it soon. I am writing a complete tutorial for begineers who want to learn playing Guitar.

Here some pics I collected while we were learning.

Below Pic: Me giving intro about BangAJAX collective

Me giving INtro 

Below Pic: Allagappan giving intro abt his talk during BangAJAX


Below pIc: Green Kurta techie is Shivku, He was also speaker@BangAJAX Collective towards right is Pradeep {a great enthu person}, Next Jay {rockstar}, Blue Shirt, Shourya Sarcar {our mentor}, myself in orange tee, next to me is yuvraj.


Below Pic: While the “Music CLinic was in progress”

Session 2

Below Pic: I guess I heard music coming out 🙂

I Me practising

Photos are extracted from Hari, Jace, Jay’s albums.


About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

11 responses to “BCB4: Summary of my expr!!!!”

  1. Allagappan says :

    Nice summary, srini. I couldn’t peep into the Unband section. I was roaming more in the photo-collective group. 🙂

    Keep posting!


  2. Winslie Gomez says :

    Sounds like everyone and a swell time.
    Like the intense concentration on the D chord and even the Bar chord on the fifth fret. wow!

  3. srinix says :

    I sure enjoyed brainstroming with you. N thanks for BRTFF info.

    Gr8 to see ur comments 🙂
    Yes we sure played all chords@BarCamp.


  4. HIMANSHU SHETH says :

    Hey Sridhar,
    Seemed like you took a nice session on AJAX and I wanted to know a bit of it since I am really new to it (:

    So during the course of the Unband collective,did you learn playing the Guitar?

    -Himanshu Sheth

  5. srinix says :

    Yes, Shourya dada has done a gr8 job in getting us started. We learnt to play some chords.

    I will soon write a basic tutorial on guitar.

    U can check that out.


  6. Ramjee says :

    missied the ajax stuff. would have loved to be there.

    Check this out. I would love to have something like this. What ya say?

  7. srinix says :

    Hey Ram,

    Thats a nice article u have shared with us.

    Thanks a lot.


  8. Tauseef says :

    It was great to be at the AJAX thing with you, shivku, alagu..
    An amazing experience and the camp is definitely not to miss.

    Trying to see more.


  9. Jayanth S says :

    Dude.. YOU were responsible for making Unband an enjoyable experience.. 🙂

  10. srinix says :


    Bro that was nice to make a new friend 🙂

    now u being a modest rock star!!!!! But yes truly it was fun man.

  11. Prashanth says :

    Hi Sridhar,
    check out podcasting of Unband at http://www.techbangalore.com/bcb4
    Hope you will enjoy that.

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