How to learn Programming????

Most of the time, I hear people saying I am NOT good at programming but at “XYZ”, yes this is completely okay, but if you have some inclination towards learning programming or be a good programmer, here are few simple tips, I follow them so I thought I would share with you pals.

1. Join some Developer Network.

With lot of developer network platforms, half-of the work of the developer is already done and distributed in the form of “Packages”.

Im hooked to Yahoo Developer Network, for many reasons. One, it supports all the languages be it .Net, Java, PHP, Python etc etc.

More reasons for using any Developer Network, I can feel are

1. Cross Browser compatibility, one doesnt have to worry about the small issues of browsers

2. Loads of tutorials, code and examples

3. Forums and discussion boards

You can even learn a lot by looking at the code, examples and tutorials.

Some of the developer networks available are

1. Yahoo Developer Network

2. Google Code

3. Facebook Developer Network

4. Network

If you have used or know of any other developer network, drop in comments.



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I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

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