37Signals vs TechCrunch : A Ridiculous debate!!!!!

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has gone crazy to post such an article attacking 37signals, which has led to heavy debate over web.

The debate is about should software be given free or should be charged?

Michael says it should be free and I guess he probably mis-understood, the concept of 37signals. 37Signals has a array of web based simple applications some of which are free and some of which are paid services.

Yes, you cannot charge every software product, but if some products have extra features, value and above useful stuff. Why wudnt anyone pay?

Give free version of your product, if people like it and find it useful, they would surely want to have a Paid version of the same.

I mean if you cannot ask people to “Pay-N-Search’ but it is not applicable. But, project management suites need more security, features and simplicity. So they can be charged.

What do u think? Should software be free? or charged?

Drop in comments……

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2 responses to “37Signals vs TechCrunch : A Ridiculous debate!!!!!”

  1. mbchandar says :

    it all depends on the mindset of the software developer.

  2. srinix says :


    Its not exactly the mindset, rather I wud say “market” for a particular product.

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