A Small Step : PayBack-August 07

Wishing everyone belated Happy Independence Day!!! Proud to be an Indian 🙂

You must have never heard that a event happens first and then it gets a name <stuck>

Okay, so thats what we did yesterday, on the occasion of 60 years of freedom, we took a small step.

“In software industry, we are used to hear the word reusable stuff. Why not in real life?”

And, thats exactly what we did.

Goal: Collect all the old-reusable, not-so-bad condition clothes which are mostly redundant and distribute them among local people like coblers, fruit-sellers etc etc.

Why the name PayBack?

Its time for all of us to PayBack to Nation, be it in small steps.

Thanks a lot to Ram, Snigdha, Vinayak, Surpiy, Ayan, and Sudarshan for showing interest and willingness to make the difference.

It was great to see that young guns are interested in giving back to society in some or the other form.

We distributed the clothes in the CMH Road, Indiranagar area so if u happen to visit the place, and see a local guy wearing Arrow, Mango or Westside branded clothes, dont get shocked!!!! Instead Just say “PayBack Works”

Then the team went to blind school and distributed the ladies garments to the children there. I had to drop from there soon. So rest story may be Ram or Snigdha can narrate.

Local junta was following us for more stuff, guess last time I saw people following was only politicians 🙂



About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

7 responses to “A Small Step : PayBack-August 07”

  1. Nova says :

    Good work people!!! 🙂

    Proud of you!

  2. snigdha says :

    hey Sri,

    lets start working towards a group activity on a consistent basis. 🙂


  3. gantir says :

    payback sounds good. I am all for it. When’s the next small step?

  4. Himanshu Sheth says :

    I really missed it…I came to know on 14th night … But I could not make it…”PAYBACK” nice one…Really a nice way to give something back to the country.

    Would love to be a part of the upcoming things with you guys,so that I can also be a responsible citizen.

    Good Work and belated “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY”

    -Himanshu Sheth

  5. Himanshu Sheth says :

    One more thing,I missed is “This way you guys have created a “CHANGE” ecosystem which seems somewhat impossible without a team 🙂 Great Work and Great Team…

    -Himanshu Sheth

  6. speakpeak says :

    Keep all the good work.
    No one knows, but you do.

  7. Preeti says :

    I missed participating with you guys on Aug 15th because I had to be in office :(. How do I join PayBack?

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