Alert: All Nokia Users, Check ur Mobile Battery!!!!



Friends after bringing into notice that the mobile batteries of Nokia have some problem, Nokia company has given a test link.

Out of 300-million batteries only 46 million have problems, which can even cause short-circuit etc.

If you are a Nokia Mobile handset user, please make sure you check your battery details, if the serial number is in the ones which have problem, they wud offer you a replacement.

Even, if you are NOT a nokia handset user, please blog about this, spread the word and create awareness.



About srinix

I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

2 responses to “Alert: All Nokia Users, Check ur Mobile Battery!!!!”

  1. mbchandar says :

    i cannot replace my battery :(.

    hey, thanks for the comments on my post.

    – beyond work

  2. Himanshu Sheth says :

    Hey Sridhar,
    Where are you nowadays? No update on the blog since many days?

    -Himanshu Sheth

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