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30 Day Project : Starts Today!!!

“Leave complex problems to BIG people, try to solve simple-small issues”

Yes, thats exactly what I am starting today. NO big deal. Just simple applications.

To start with today I got hooked with a small problem. So I got this idea.

I wont reveal much of what the app will be, what it shud be, or how I wud be wasting my time 🙂

The idea is to get something UP & Running,Quickly, very Quickly and then can keep on improving it!!!!

So write to u in detail on 15th September!!!

Keep guessing!!!!

<Hint>No Rocket Science, it has something to do with IndicComputing!!!!! </Hint>


37Signals vs TechCrunch : A Ridiculous debate!!!!!

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has gone crazy to post such an article attacking 37signals, which has led to heavy debate over web.

The debate is about should software be given free or should be charged?

Michael says it should be free and I guess he probably mis-understood, the concept of 37signals. 37Signals has a array of web based simple applications some of which are free and some of which are paid services.

Yes, you cannot charge every software product, but if some products have extra features, value and above useful stuff. Why wudnt anyone pay?

Give free version of your product, if people like it and find it useful, they would surely want to have a Paid version of the same.

I mean if you cannot ask people to “Pay-N-Search’ but it is not applicable. But, project management suites need more security, features and simplicity. So they can be charged.

What do u think? Should software be free? or charged?

Drop in comments……

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How to learn Programming????

Most of the time, I hear people saying I am NOT good at programming but at “XYZ”, yes this is completely okay, but if you have some inclination towards learning programming or be a good programmer, here are few simple tips, I follow them so I thought I would share with you pals.

1. Join some Developer Network.

With lot of developer network platforms, half-of the work of the developer is already done and distributed in the form of “Packages”.

Im hooked to Yahoo Developer Network, for many reasons. One, it supports all the languages be it .Net, Java, PHP, Python etc etc.

More reasons for using any Developer Network, I can feel are

1. Cross Browser compatibility, one doesnt have to worry about the small issues of browsers

2. Loads of tutorials, code and examples

3. Forums and discussion boards

You can even learn a lot by looking at the code, examples and tutorials.

Some of the developer networks available are

1. Yahoo Developer Network

2. Google Code

3. Facebook Developer Network

4. Network

If you have used or know of any other developer network, drop in comments.


Web Design Tip #4: Using ToolTips Helps a LOT!!!!

ToolTips are really useful. If you are considering of making a web start-up. This tip would surely come in handy.

According to wikiperdia:

” The tooltip is a common graphical user interface element. It is used in conjunction with a cursor, usually a mouse pointer. The user hovers the cursor over an item, without clicking it, and a small box appears with supplementary information regarding the item being hovered over “

Where can we use ToolTips?

Most of the time, designers are not sure when we should use ToolTips. Lets us imagine a scenario where in user has to fill details. It would be really nice to put down a form tooltip to guide user on do’s-n-dont’s.

UserName <input type=”text”>

Now, if we apply a form tooltip, at the right-hand side a tip would appear when the user clicks on the text box.

“Choose username as smart as ur”

This not only helps in guiding the user about the details but also helps in creating humor 🙂

Which are the free ToolTips we can use?

Im using YUI{Yahoo UI library} and it has some really powerful features for tooltips. Alternatively one can also use the below mentioned libraries which can surely help in grooving the UI.

1. ProtoTIP : Simple, sleak, beautiful, can add effects and AJAX support. Good for Prototype+ Scriptaculous libraries {Im using it as well}

2. Ask The CSS Guy : ONLY useful for forms

3. Nifty Corners Cube: Awesome library perfect for all rounded-corner needs

4. Last but not least, Google it 🙂

If you know of any other library, drop in comments, I shall update the post.

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If you are reading article, you might also be interested in the PHP and Scriptaculous Book I have authored.

The book gives you insights about effects, drag-n-drop, slideshows, applications, auto-completion, in-place editing and more. Complete code snippets and explanations.

CHECK out and BUY the PHP and book {My Book} at Packt official site

BRTFF : Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival@Sunday 5th Aug!!!

BRTFF : Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival

Yes it is also a kind of unconference, where pals gather down for day on roof of some house with a projector and bring into movies. Not that kind of “saas-bhau-stuff”. But some theme based.

Now, please stop asking any doubts u have. Coz I have never been to this. This is my first exprience with BRTFF.

If you want more details please visit: 

I guess the registration for BRTFF 2 is over {Im NO organizer}, but still you could try by talking to organizers.

So if you happen to be there around. Drop me a comment. I shall catch u there.

Happy Weekend!!!!


Nice Neighbors, Awesome Deal!!!

Yesterday I saw our neighbour from “2B” was shifting. I didnt meet him. I could make out from the truck-loaded with luggage.

I asked the watchman, if anyone was moving In? He said, nahi saahab. 2B is leaving. Oh okay. I saw a big box full of books and novels.

I asked him wheather it was “waste” for someone? He nooded. And complanied.

Saahab, no one buys the books, not even for weight. I was very happy to listen 🙂

I said, lets make deal, I pay u 100 bucks and I take the books? He was dumbstuck!!!

100rs? I said yes. He agreed.

So now I have stacked up my library with 10 new novels, 5 tech books. All for just 100 bucks.

Some of the novels included, Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, How Opal Got Kissed, Got wild and Got life -by Kavya Vishwanathan, Company of a woman -Khushwant Singh, Autobiography of Gandhi etc etc.