IE really Sucks!!!!

Internet Explorer really sucks when it comes to executing JavaScript. I shall detail u d problem as well as d solution {If I find}.

But, for now join me in abusing MS for such a creepy IE stuff 🙂


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6 responses to “IE really Sucks!!!!”

  1. Jumana says :

    Yep it Sucks!!! Thats y it has engulfed entire world. i guess thats the reason that instead of so many problems with IE and other microsoft products, u still go on using them

  2. Sumit says :

    IE sucks big time. Firefox rocks all time.

    Now the favourite quote:
    The first M$ product that will not suck will come out the day they’ll start making vacuum cleaners…

  3. SHiDi says :

    I admit the fact that IE is kind of bad when it comes to handling Javascript.

    However, for me, the solution to this is to use a Javascript framework. My personal favourite would be jQuery 🙂

  4. Kev says :

    5 crashes today – what the f—!!!!

  5. selig says :

    Theres a lot to learn about browsers guys…..

    For any1 interested in learning more about browsers or need info on IT try the foollowing link-

    one of my friends recomended this site to me-

    Its has good IT info….

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