SUN acquires MySQL!!!!

For all those who love Open Source this news should come exciting, SUN Microsystems has acquired MySQL AB, the company behind the world famous open source Database.

As I see, SUN is merging strong in Open Source with Java, Sun Office, Solaris and Now, Mysql. It sure is here to play a big game with Open Source. IT wud be surely interesting to wait and watch how SUN tries to capture the market.

SUN has already ignited with Start-up essentials and to that package,mysql is a bonus.



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2 responses to “SUN acquires MySQL!!!!”

  1. Raseel says :

    I completely agree with your view-point (a href=”″>See here
    Unlike most people who think that this was a bad move for MySQL and endangers its very existence, I think Sun will widen and not hamper the scope of MySQL.

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