Looking for Open Source Charting system? Here it is

After a bit of research and trying with different charting and reporting libraries in Java, C++ etc, I finally found a library which is not only powerful but extremely simple as well.

Open Flash Chart

I must tell you, I have started using it and it is damn good.

The best part being that it has so much of native support to PHP that anyone who loves coding in PHP should fall in love with this graphing library.

VIsit the above URL link and see some demos of how good it is 🙂

Did I tell u that it is totally free, even for commercial use? Simply Awesome. Go check it out.


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6 responses to “Looking for Open Source Charting system? Here it is”

  1. monk.e.boy says :

    Thanks for the kind comments 🙂

    Don’t forget we have help forums at sourceforge:


    and we support all major serversite scripting languages, .NET, python, perl, Java, ruby, rails etc…

    Thanks again for the kind words,


  2. quintessens says :

    I see that most data sources are php, why not just xml as source?

  3. srinix says :


    Welcome. Wud love to contribute too.

    We can actually make use of XML as well. a tutorial will soon follow on that.


  4. anwin says :

    Hi. There’s a Bangalore bloggers meet scheduled for tomorrow, Feb 16. I would like to confirm your participation and I am looking forward to meeting you in person and other bloggers as well. As of now 50+ bloggers have confirmed their participation. Email me at anwin.at.anw.in or call me on 9880518019 for anything regarding the bloggers meet.

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  5. Renie says :

    Hi Sridhar, we’ve created a wiki for everyone to work on the blogging ethics page. Thanks for the great idea of putting it up on IndiBlogger.


  6. Catharine Kenealy says :

    I’m wondering if you knew exactly where I possibly could obtain the XML feed for the site.

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