A look back and looking forward : 2011 & 2012

31st Dec 2011, it started with laughing out loud and howling, as Roy had called and said, we are like train compartments and needs to be pushed all the times to get the things done.

God, it’s the last day of this year! “How was 2011?”, I asked myself. It’s 10am this morning.


It was during Feb, we had this team outing and didn’t realize  it was supposed to change life so much.

Met Suman, Roy and Khushi, my friends. They are the co-founders in HappyCV and Adsonomy.

All of us are so different from each other. How did we land up together?

Well, there’s so much we all shared together, some of our best moments of life together.

Right from long bike drives to sprite

from road side dosa to mainland china

from sharing family issues to abusing each other

from terrace parties to gold class movie,

It’s so long list of moments shared together. If I start writing them all, well it would certain, I would need to change the title to welcome 2013.

Time just flies, we never knew we would be this attached and close.

For us, we are better as nuts with each other, we know it and some part of us will always be that.

Being in our mature years( not that we are “old”), but behaving like college kids is some fun.

Not worrying, not even for a second, just knowing someone is always there to always count on. And more so we spent most of our time together.

We are a rare mix of class and country fellows, which is good, we used to be, what we wanted to be.

They say, opposites attract( who said it, anyway?), for us, we never realized if we are same, opposite, similar, different or same. We just did all we want, and best part is, we loved it.

Rarely, we got into arguments or fights, which ended up in good note, as we would realize and come back again.

It’s just the thought, that we always had someone to fall back on. And that is what made 2011 very special.

Personally, for me, I have changed a lot. I have learnt a lot of these friends and words are surely not enough to Thank you for all the smiles, happiness and love.

2011 will be cherished as a year of friendship, love and care.


Some of the things, which made 2011 very special …

Meeting Kushi & Suman

Booking our house

Starting HappyCV and Adsonomy ( there is still long way to go, we have started our journey)

Changing job

Mohit chauhan’s concert

Nonu’s first Bday ( and remember, the shopping we did?)

Nonu flying first time in flight ( lil one is daring, you see)

Calling people at 1.30 am 🙂

Video calls on gmail..

There are so many, but these are some of the special moments.

Thank you, Roy, Suman and Khushi, if not for you guys, 2011 would surely would have ended up like another year.


Shit, I need to go to Gurudware and I am already late.

It’s the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh ji’s Bday, Ah, on 31st. Awesome I said to myself.

Well, Nanded is the place where the Guru’s body is there and I also happen to graduate from the same place, SGGS Nanded college.

Suman, my punjabi bro, called me one week before to remind of this, I was not sure then but was today.

And, one thing, that makes me motivated and charged is to do seva.

Many of my friends had called asking me to join them, for clubbing, partying and having great time, which would just mean ending up doing nothing.

So i decided to head to Gurudware and what happiness we get in doing seva, can never be described nor felt. Do it to know the joy of it.

When the world was busy lifting their glasses, we were busy lifting 10kg rice cartons and making Raita. When the world didn’t bother who would wash was their plates, we cleaned containers and deg’s so huge and heavy in which langer is cooked and cleaning the kitchen, as big as some clubs dance floor.

Now, if you are giving a “awww” feeling, as you heard, ” washing, sweeping and cleaning stuff” , there was some big shots doing the same and you will not believe if i mention the names. So let’s keep it simple, all just do seva to guru in anyway we can, if that is “awwww”, just read next line and grab your masala chai.

Masala chai, was our beverage.

Some of the above tasks, multiple times. It tests your patience, body, strength and above all willingness to do seva.

The world would hug and wish Happy New Year, for us, we joined in Ardaas ( prayer) and putting our forehead in front of the Guru and thanking him for everything he gave this year and seek his blessing and love be on everyone for the coming year.

More masala chai, this time with more garlic, sugar and biscuits.

Wished Sister, Bhushan, Khushi and Roy and then went to grab quick sleep at 1.40am.

It rained, I guess, it was damn cold, and bless the mosquitoes had feast out of me.

Well, next morning, which for us was (3am), we had to get up again to prepare langer, and the year it is starting, my fav dishes was on menu for breakfast.

I got chance to help in with 160 litres of milk and 80 litres of curd from the milk vendor.

We quickly cleaned up the whole kitchen, utensils and huge containers so that the sevak’s can start their cooking.

Quick sleep again.

Got up, and more masala chai, this time with parathas and gulab jaamuns.

After serving the morning breakfast, I decided to enjoy the yummy first breakfast of 2012.

Me and Suman, truly enjoyed the first breakfast of 2012, aha, awesome, wonderful, so tummy full, we found difficult to carry ourselves.

Wished and thanked everyone at the langer, specially Sonu, Vicky, Karigar, Pinku, bhupinder and guys whose names I don’t know  but trust me, when we meet each other next, anywhere, we would hug and say, “Wahe guru, aur veer ji, ki haal hai?”

Special mention and shout out for my younger pra, Suman, Thank you. I know I need not say it to him, but it’s out of care and love for him. God bless you.

After returning home, wished everyone in family and friends, if I missed anyone, please be assured, you are part of me, and were part of my prayers too.

I wish and pray, may god bless you and shower his blessing, love, happiness and care always to you.


Welcome, 2012.

Let’s live our dreams, knowing we have such gr8 friends always there and are blessed from god.

Bring it on!!!!


PS: If you are in groovy mood, check out this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAfY-OCcqNs&ob=av3n


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I am Sridhar, a matured nut, on this planet with water, air and love ;)

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