Simplest solution to end corruption in India.

If I hear one more time gush over anti-corruption bills and laws, I swear,  I’m gonna puke.

Team Anna says they want a strong bill so that they want to punish the corrupt officials. What if I were to tell you, there are proof’s/stings of politicians and middlemen taking bribes on camera?

Well, I am no journalist, nor from any media background and the last thing, I am not attached to any political party. It’s disclaimer.

I want to know, what and how are you going to deal with them?

Now to give you proof’s, please hop on to and you will find some stunning and shocking truth.

I happened to go over, the Godhra Coverage and the Operation West End.

One simple google search on the same, and you will find tons of articles and interviews of  Tarun Tejpal and wikipedia entries of the same.

After going over each one of them, I feel Team Anna has just wasted theirs and nation’s time.

If they would have known how the powerful people in delhi corridor’s react on such corruption issues, and what extent they went behind people exposing it, they would have never expected the elected representatives to pass a strong lokpal bill.

And, guess what happen’s to people who are caught in bribery? Well, is there any other “India’s Upcoming Hero’s Award lined up?”

My curiosity lingers me to raise few doubts about the media itself. I wonder why no one picked up these stories in main stream media? Television debates? Why was anna fast covered?

So that brings me to suggest, this nation of 100 crore+ people, my simplest solution to end corruption in India.

Instead of wasting time, money and energy in organizing, attending and travelling all cities to make people aware of the jan-lok-pal or jan-joke-pal, just raise power and money.

Bring in people who are powerful or can give money ( any amount) at their disposal and take all that money and power and invest in Tehelka 2.0 

Let these good, daring and selfless folks at Tehelka 2.0 expose everyone and anyone who are corrupt and are county’s enemies. Then let loose media to follow up on these corrupt officials and finally, we can also do a candle light march ( that’s kinda in-thing now a days) to make sure guilty is punished.

That’s my solution. If you don’t have a better one, please get your cheques ready, should anyone decide to start a Tehelka again, we should be ready with boat loads of money and power.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to express your solutions in the comments section.

With love,
One Among The Mango People.



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