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[Updated] A March In March

While at Gurudware on Sunday, 25th March, Happy(yes, dats a name)  from somewhere found a print out, requesting people to gather at MG Road to support Anna Hazare’s fast.

The first thought which came to my mind, why not? I said to myself, a helping hand is always better than praying lips.

Plus I hate people who are keyboard warriors (Read: Facebook, Twitter etc etc)

After having langar, Me and Suman headed straight to MG Road

We saw some 20-30 odd group standing. After quickly parking the bike, we joined the group.

This was our first candle light march, we were excited that we are contributing our bit by walking 4kms( or more?) and importantly, shouting slogans to keep the spirits high. LOUD.

We saw few elderly folks, kids, young couples and people from all walks of life joining the march. Some firangs too 😉

Volunteers were very supportive. Cups, Candles, Water, you name it they had properly thought through this.

Hope one day when the actually Jan Lokpal bill is passed, we will say, we march’d for the cause 🙂

And rightfully, the walk ended at Bridgade road, with the song, Hum Honge Kamyab, Ek Din….

Shine on you crazy diamond.

PS: I think the India Against Corruption( IAC) team forgot to thank the Bangalore Police as they did walk with us and they were all supportive as well.

So here I say on behalf of everyone at the march, Thank you!!!

– Couple of people listening to us, gave us complements saying “Aawaz badi Jung hai”. To which suman n me said, we have more samples in our Gurudware 😀

– While we were shouting slogans, an old lady walked to us and offered water and said ” drink else you will have dehydration”. We looked at her, and silently drank water. She was wearing the jungle trip jacket 😉 she was kinda a cute grandma u cant say no

– By the time we left, that 20-30 gang had grown to some 600{more?} odd sanjat {Read: group or mob}

– And finally, Suman’s throat is fine and mine is dying. I would put him under a cycle to die. Yes, that’s a royal death I want for him 😀