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Well, You finally reached this page with the help of few clicks[ I Believe].

I am Sridhar Rao CH, an Engineering graduate in Information Technology from SGGS Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nanded, Maharashtra, India.

This is my official introduction.

I am a telugu guy, who was born in Rourkela, Orrisa,  Bough up between Marathas and Punjabi’s in Nagpur and Nanded, Maharashtra.

I don’t know who I am. I love chole batore, samosa, kachodi….and list goes on and more than dosa and idli 😉

What I know for sure is, I will stand by what is right and protect the weak.

I am Hybrid. Yes, I am Rao. Telugu guy, who is lucky to have such nice and humble folks and siblings, when they call me, they know I am at Gurudware doing seva 🙂

I am religious, I don’t have my god’s name. 🙂

May god bless you.

This blog is the beginning of something, it is collection of knowledge and sharpening of skills. I wuld be happy if the contents of the blog seems to be useful for you.

Through this blog, I will let the world know, what it takes at every step to become a Entrepreneur. I will chronicle my positive, negative, wins and defeats to trace and fully enjoy my journey.

I am a true Cancerian and have a big list of hobbies which are time-variant. Some of which are playing guitar, web designing, chatting, reading novels[mostly Sidney Sheldon] and Oops I forgot writing too.

In this blog I am writing down my learning’s for building a product, new technologies and business mantras of existing in this already crowded web world.

I am with Tech Mahindra ..pls check out out my projects to find animal in me 😉

I am currently employed with Oracle India Pvt Ltd

I was am currently working with Cognizant Technology Solutions from May 2006 – Sep 2008.


My Book
I have authored a book on PHP and Script.aculo.us with Packt Publications.

The book is mainly targeted for people who want to learn and jump into the Web 2.0 bandwagon to learn about Ajax and UI Design for agile web apps.

PHP and Script.aculo.us Book

PHP and Script.aculo.us Book

I am part of many organizantions[NGO’s] making world a better place to live. Some of them are Indictrans, Chattisgrah-Network.

Your queries/concerns/comments or suggestions Or even if you just want to “Hi” …Drop me a mail :


Contact Email ID: chshridharrao@gmail.com

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