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Embedding of PDF inside HTML using frames

Some days back, I wrote a article regarding which PDF library to choose and work with, either PDFLib or FPDF. I decided to go with FPDF, since its free 😀

So now, what is the problem that almost everyone of us have faced using PDF documents?

Think again. No, not that one. Take another shot. Okay, let me tell you.

When we open up PDF file, it opens in “Full-Mode”, that means, we cannnot see the html links, page etc and it just ocupies whole web page. Now, this is a serious issue. Since, the only way is to hit the “Back” button.

What can be done to make this experience better?

Embed the PDF document inside a html frame. Consider the pdf file as a widget and we can load it inside the frames of html.

If you are wondering, if I am speaking arabic or something. Have a look at this.

But, there are serious flaws in implementing this way. Coz you cannot navigate through the pages in the PDF. I am trying to hack and fix the issues.

If you have tried anything similar to this. Please drop a comment.


PS: Please spare the commercial/licenses one. Yes, I am aware of Macromedia Flash Paper. But something free is more tasty 🙂

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Book Review : AJAX In Action


I have recently finished reading this book “Ajax In Action” By Dave Crane, Eric Pascarello and Darren James.

I thought I would share some key points from the book with everyone.

I recommend this book to everyone, who wants to learn Ajax or for those who have already fallen in love with it 🙂

The book talks about the basics as introduction and example code are given to explain various ajax libraries covered, which includes Prototype, Rico, Dojo, Sajax etc.

It is also written keeping in mind only about the client-side programs and not heavily on server-side, which helps individuals to use it with any of these PHP/Asp/JSP etc.

This 680 pages book is what you need to master the concepts and start using ajax in your web apps.

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Its a weekend, I have some plans too.

Happy Weekend!!!!