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Trip to Bhimeshwari!!!

Last saturday our practice team for a small outing to a near by place called Bhimeshwari. {Near, bole toh, 2hrs run from Blore}

It was a nice place, but yes it lacked lot of stuff. First and foremost, Network!!!!  If you are planning to make a trip to Bhimeshwari, you can leave your cell at your place. No nice hotels 😦

Muthathi is another place, very close by which has a river flowing so obivous you can try Coracle, River Rafting and ofcourse having bath 🙂

We were “planning” to do lot of stuff, BUT didnt do much. We did Jungle Trekking {Dont ask me what it means, we coined it}. If you have seen Bollywood movie, Kaal, imagine this jungle as same as the one shown in movie 😀

Soon would post some pics of the trip

In short, had a nice change after a long time

Now, back to work!!