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Show your love for names…

At lunch in cafeteria, someone just sparked the topic of hillarious and witty movie titles.

And, we decided to compile the BIG Daddy list of movie titles which tickle and make you laugh.

List the names of movies you know off in the comments and we will keep updating this list here ..

Let me start here ..( updated list)

1. Khooni Dulhan ( 2001)
2. Daaku Ramkali
3. pyasa haiwan
4. tarzan ki beti
5. khooni darinda
6. rengthi chudail
7. Aag Lagaa Do Saawan Ko
9. Rampur ki rani
10. raat rani
11. raat rani



Why should bloggers have all the fun????

And, when I use the word bloggers here, it refers to people who are using

After the launch of Google indic translator, now bloggers can easily type in Hindi but what about WordPress users? <wink>I perosnally love wordpress platform</wink>

So, now Im trying to create a plugin by integrating my project OpenKey with TinyMCE{ the editor which WP is using}

Yes, we already have one such thing, thats from Indic Joomla group. But that doesnt fill the gap. So Im trying to that 🙂

For now, you take a look at how it would look when we are using it.

Hindi Text

The picture you are looking at is TinyMCE editor being hacked for indic purpose.

What do u think about it? Would it be useful for u? Drop in ur comments



Tutorial: How to store UTF8 (indian language) data in mysql?

Well, let me put it straight this tutorial also applies to any other native languages like latin, spanish etc. But, since I have tried for Indian languages I am writing exclusive for it.

Okay, so before we say code I must tell you this tutorial intends, a thought provoking stuff 🙂

Lately, we have seen enough number of Indic-translators, and you must have got your hands on with typing in ur mail/blog. Now, just think for a while, when u sent a mail, and try to read it back from “Sent Mail”, u still see the indian language or even in that case blog articles. For that case, even in Orkut.

How are they stored inside database? Was what I was trying.

Again, I am not sure for any other DB, I have tried with MySQL. But, I guess should be same.

Quick Explanation:

We assume we have a DB with table articles, and a column named posts, which will save the article written in your blog. Best part, we know that all major DB’s support UTF8. And we shall explore that feature.

Now we write a article in hindi, हेल्लो वर्ल्ड

If the UTF8 is not specified, you should see something like ?????? in ur DB else u shud see the hindi data. Clear? Koool lets see the code

Quick Code:

First check for UTF8 compatibility with this query. If it supports you should see the output as “Character_set_system”| “UTF8”

SHOW VARIABLES LIKE ‘character_set_system’;

Now that being checked, alter the table and just modify the column, Posts in our above example and specify it as UTF8


Now, try to insert the hindi value and save it. Query it and u shud see the hindi text 🙂

We have go ahead and use many other options as well, like Collate etc. But this tutorial intends to keep it simple.

I hope you find this useful and interesting. If you have tried any hacks similar to this, pls drop in comments and share with us.


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Book Review : AJAX In Action


I have recently finished reading this book “Ajax In Action” By Dave Crane, Eric Pascarello and Darren James.

I thought I would share some key points from the book with everyone.

I recommend this book to everyone, who wants to learn Ajax or for those who have already fallen in love with it 🙂

The book talks about the basics as introduction and example code are given to explain various ajax libraries covered, which includes Prototype, Rico, Dojo, Sajax etc.

It is also written keeping in mind only about the client-side programs and not heavily on server-side, which helps individuals to use it with any of these PHP/Asp/JSP etc.

This 680 pages book is what you need to master the concepts and start using ajax in your web apps.

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Its a weekend, I have some plans too.

Happy Weekend!!!!

Examine a Clarity: First word you use????

Which is the most frequent “First word you use when you wake up”???

Your options:

1. GOD




5. If any other drop in your comments….


PS: I personally use either of 3/4 🙂