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Need For Speed(Carbon): Get Geared!!!

For those who say “Speed is the Need” ….here it comes on the fasttrack!!!

Electronic Arts[EA]’s famous game “Need For Speed(NFS)” has released a new version named “Carbon”

It has a appealing visual look with a story line(A stud dude  with a hot babe breaking all signals)!!! A fantastic speed control mechanism and above all killing customization of the car.

The more advanced feature of the new version is “NIS”.

NIS stands for Non Interactive Sequence, which to an end user means that the story and effects goes as smooth as they can.

Another striking feature which I found out was in the “view”, you are driving on the 9th lane, patlon city and you can view the 11th Lane. Isnt it rocking? Since you can track down the user/enemy who is chasing you!!!

I have seen it last weekend and now I am looking for a copy of it.

If you happen to have the CD. drop me a line. Get Geared!!!