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India Still an IT giant? Lifting Website data from Singapore.

Delhi Police has “lifted” website structure, data, content and even Images ūüė¶ from Singapore’s police website.

This news was first broken by NDTV on Saturday.

It is shame to see things like this happen, specially when the world considers India as a IT destination?

If they were desperate to get some simple HTML pages done with text and images, least they could have dropped me mail. Than doing this HOLY shit.

I guess it wouldnt be completely wrong to say that Delhi Police has done what Software Engineers in India do it on a daily basis.

Some of the “HOT”¬†quotes from Delhi Police website.

”With the increasing number of bombing incidents around the world, no country including Singapore can take safety for granted.”

And just in case there’s a biological attack and you get anthrax, there’s no need to panic.
The website says: In Singapore, the SCDF, Police, Ministry of Health and Singapore Post have taken precautionary measures to deal with this threat.

Read the complete strip tease here

What do u think abt such things? And what we can do to solve such basic problems?

Drop in ur comments…..



Alert: All Nokia Users, Check ur Mobile Battery!!!!



Friends after bringing into notice that the mobile batteries of Nokia have some problem, Nokia company has given a test link.

Out of 300-million batteries only 46 million have problems, which can even cause short-circuit etc.

If you are a Nokia Mobile handset user, please make sure you check your battery details, if the serial number is in the ones which have problem, they wud offer you a replacement.

Even, if you are NOT a nokia handset user, please blog about this, spread the word and create awareness.


A Small Step : PayBack-August 07

Wishing everyone belated Happy Independence Day!!! Proud to be an Indian ūüôā

You must have never heard that a event happens first and then it gets a name <stuck>

Okay, so thats what we did yesterday, on the occasion of 60 years of freedom, we took a small step.

“In software industry, we are used to hear the word reusable stuff. Why not in real life?”

And, thats exactly what we did.

Goal: Collect all the old-reusable, not-so-bad condition clothes which are mostly redundant and distribute them among local people like coblers, fruit-sellers etc etc.

Why the name PayBack?

Its time for all of us to PayBack to Nation, be it in small steps.

Thanks a lot to Ram, Snigdha, Vinayak, Surpiy, Ayan, and Sudarshan for showing interest and willingness to make the difference.

It was great to see that young guns are interested in giving back to society in some or the other form.

We distributed the clothes in the CMH Road, Indiranagar area so if u happen to visit the place, and see a local guy wearing Arrow, Mango or Westside branded clothes, dont get shocked!!!! Instead Just say “PayBack Works”

Then the team went to blind school and distributed the ladies garments to the children there. I had to drop from there soon. So rest story may be Ram or Snigdha can narrate.

Local junta¬†was following us for more stuff, guess last time I saw people following was only politicians ūüôā


First Lady President with Crime Records. Applause!!!


India’s first Lady president, OOops Sonia’s¬†Joke to Nation, Ooops a¬†social-pest, Again I forgot¬†Criminal too. Meet Mrs.Prathibha Patil.

I guess we should raise funds to buy Sonia & Co to buy a televisions, so that they atleast hear, see and understand that the candidate they are supporting has a background!!!!

Newspapers, Media, television everything¬†is flooding of Mrs.Patil’s balcklist activities.

Why are they doing such things? Keep some respect for the Man, whom she is replacing.

Bloddy Politics they just want all uneducated people to fill the seats.

Openings in Indian Politics:

Qualifications, all are mandatory:

1. NO education

2. Crime record

3. Media full of black activities

4. Support from fellow illiterates “Sonia”, “Manmohan”

Shit, we Indians should hang our heads in shame for having such a lady as President.

You can read the complete “History-Geography-Biography” of this lady here

I hear that people have self-respect, dignity and morale values in life, Mrs.Patil are you aware of any of these words? If yes, please resign.

Yours loving
Indian Citizen

Shameful Flight, a must read!!!!

Shameful FLight 

Tomorrow morning when you can find lot of crowd outside malls to buy a book, yes you guessed it right. Harry Poter series.

I will also start my search for a book, its not HP series. Its a book from “Stanley Wolpert” named “Shameful Flight”.

This book is about the last years of british empire in India. How India got divided, who were responsible, what game plan british played. Its a sad chapter to read, but I would say a must.

The book is titled properly for their “Shameful” acts. Its an Oxford University Press release.

The book also features life of Nehru, Mountbatten, Winston Churchhill, Lady mountbatten etc. It throws some light on how because of our leaders we suffered.

India will turn 60 next month, and what are we upto? The answers to these questions are not simple as they appear. Its sad to see the numbers which say what we have  achieved in last 60 years.

One more thing I swore last night, I will surely enter into Politics at any cost, waiting for the right time.


Love Taj? Vote NOW!!!!

Were you a lover of the beautiful Taj Mahal?

Then its time to pay back, its not only a monument. Its a matter of honor for our country.

Please visit this site and vote it takes only 5 mins.  5 Mins of yours can bring heritage culture to the nation.

Spread the word. If you blog write abt it, if u read drop comments and inform your friends and family as well.

Visit to cast your vote:

I have casted my vote for Taj Mahal. Have you? Go now!!!!

Keep Voting!!!


PS: if you have casted your vote, then drop in comments so that others can get inspired.

Technology Threats???

Have you even imagined that the benefits we are taking of Technology even the terrorist can take?

Imagine how dangerous it can be?

Cyber police says, it can trace the emails sent, scan them and then identify the anti-social elements.

Anti-Social #1[Place 1]: Writes the message in the email/blog and saves it without sending.

Anti-Social #2[Place 2]: Opens with same userID and Password, reads the same saved message and logs Off. 

What can the police do in such a situation?

This sure may sound, simple but trust me it can prove very costly and deadly as well.

Any thoughts??? views??? suggestions???