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30 Day Project : Starts Today!!!

“Leave complex problems to BIG people, try to solve simple-small issues”

Yes, thats exactly what I am starting today. NO big deal. Just simple applications.

To start with today I got hooked with a small problem. So I got this idea.

I wont reveal much of what the app will be, what it shud be, or how I wud be wasting my time ūüôā

The idea is to get something UP & Running,Quickly, very Quickly and then can keep on improving it!!!!

So write to u in detail on 15th September!!!

Keep guessing!!!!

<Hint>No Rocket Science, it has something to do with IndicComputing!!!!! </Hint>


Shameful Flight, a must read!!!!

Shameful FLight 

Tomorrow morning when you can find lot of crowd outside malls to buy a book, yes you guessed it right. Harry Poter series.

I will also start my search for a book, its not HP series. Its a book from “Stanley Wolpert” named “Shameful Flight”.

This book is about the last years of british empire in India. How India got divided, who were responsible, what game plan british played. Its a sad chapter to read, but I would say a must.

The book is titled properly for their “Shameful” acts. Its an Oxford University Press release.

The book also features life of Nehru, Mountbatten, Winston Churchhill, Lady mountbatten etc. It throws some light on how because of our leaders we suffered.

India will turn 60 next month, and what are we upto? The answers to these questions are not simple as they appear. Its sad to see the numbers which say what we have  achieved in last 60 years.

One more thing I swore last night, I will surely enter into Politics at any cost, waiting for the right time.


Love Taj? Vote NOW!!!!

Were you a lover of the beautiful Taj Mahal?

Then its time to pay back, its not only a monument. Its a matter of honor for our country.

Please visit this site and vote it takes only 5 mins.  5 Mins of yours can bring heritage culture to the nation.

Spread the word. If you blog write abt it, if u read drop comments and inform your friends and family as well.

Visit to cast your vote:

I have casted my vote for Taj Mahal. Have you? Go now!!!!

Keep Voting!!!


PS: if you have casted your vote, then drop in comments so that others can get inspired.

Getting Real : Book from 37signals

37signls needs no introduction.

Yes, the same guys from Basecamp, Campfire, Highrise, backpack, ta-da list!!!! Never heard of these? Okay, Heard of Ruby On Rails framework? Yes, the same guys.

I must tell you, they are awesome.

“Undo your competition”.¬†They focus a lot on design, technology and only essential features and dropping everything else.

If one¬†wants to develop and deploy a successful web application, this book “Getting Real” is a must to read and follow.

Every aspect of project is covered, technology, hiring, users, customers.

Nothing great or something, but I would say these are essentails which we all must have come across but we fail to implement them.

Go ahead. Did I tell u that its free? Read on….


Why do I blog?

Why do I blog?

Most of the blogs I surf, are mostly about How-To blog or “Earn through your Blog” or more or less same pitch!!!!

Blogs have become a prominent way of expressing self/marketing etc. We can see millions of blogs around us¬†in the virtual¬†universe called “Web”.

Himanshu: Blogging Breeds Entrepreneurship, has a good write up on the same lines, which says Blogging gives you a Entrepreneurial edge!!!

Now, coming back to my question, I blog because whatever I am trying/doing/re-searching etc I find it very easy to write down for later purpose or even better if someone is also looking/working on the same lines can find the tips/tutorials useful.

I mostly write about AJAX{my love} and some tutorials on CSS, MySQL & PHP.

A simple example, I would like to give you how this works for me and others.

Try to google, “ based slideshow”.

What you find as first link is my tutorial “ based Slideshow”. I wrote this particular piece of code, coz I was frustated of not finding the same. Now, if someone else is also looking for the same, just feel free to use it. Why to re-invent the wheel?

And, lastly I write whatever I am trying to build, which is getting added to my application. In this way, I am keeping track of building my own product/features as well helping others.

My two cents in helping web community and making web more fun place to live & learn.

Now, your turn: Why do you blog? tell everyone through comments.


A must to be read for every Indian!!!

Please go through this, a must for all Entrepreneurs and educated sections of India.

A story about Suresh Kamat, Managing Director of LaserSoft Infosystems about how one can really make a difference.

Hats off to you Sir!!!