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One of the best Indian Bands: Indian Ocean!!!!

Indian Ocean is probably one of those Bands who not only give importance to music but to words as well.

The right mix of the rock-style jazz and classical touch makes them my best Indian Band. Susmit Sen, Rahul Ram, Asheem and Amit together can really compose some mind blowing music. I kinda speically like the vocal of Rahul Ram, which is very heavy and suits both western as well as Indian classical songs.

Have any doubts?

Check this video out…I am sure it will touch you.



Awarapan Sensational songs!!!!

Mahesh Bhat & Co have some magic, I know u must thinking I am kidding. Nope I am serious. Not coz they show adult-related stories but I love their taste for songs!!!!

Right from the days of Sadak till now, they have a track record of selling movies just on the basis of sound tracks.

The latest sensation is Awarapan, the Bhatt-Company continues to digg pakistani talent. 

Anne and Mustafa Zahid rocks!!! All the songs of the movie are damn good. And surprise, surprise, even DJ Suketu has done a nice piece of work in re-mixing the songs.

My fav tracks from movie:

1. To Phir Aaao
2. Mahiya — Remix
3. Toh Phir Aaao — Remix Dj Suketu

Which is your fav??? Drop in comments.