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Love Taj? Vote NOW!!!!

Were you a lover of the beautiful Taj Mahal?

Then its time to pay back, its not only a monument. Its a matter of honor for our country.

Please visit this site and vote it takes only 5 mins.  5 Mins of yours can bring heritage culture to the nation.

Spread the word. If you blog write abt it, if u read drop comments and inform your friends and family as well.

Visit to cast your vote:

I have casted my vote for Taj Mahal. Have you? Go now!!!!

Keep Voting!!!


PS: if you have casted your vote, then drop in comments so that others can get inspired.


Myers Briggs Personality Type: Whts ur Type???

Heard of Myers Briggs Personality Type? If not, dont panic, even I heard and came to know about it today morning after Winslie’s mail.

I was surprised that such tests can really help you understand your self better and so does others can also.

It deals with ones psychological ability to think. Everyone has there own unique way to think and approach but when your planning for team work, everyones Personality Type comes into picture.

I also felt that, these TYPEs can also change with age, work, environment and other factors. Its about how you see things in different conditions and situtations. Though some people may resist this change.

I must admit that in India, this practice is yet to mature. Yes, some companies take Psychological tests but then it’s about the same meaning in different contexts.

My Personality type : ESTJ

You can read more about it Here. You can even take a free Personality Test.

 Check your type and drop in comments.


Technology Threats???

Have you even imagined that the benefits we are taking of Technology even the terrorist can take?

Imagine how dangerous it can be?

Cyber police says, it can trace the emails sent, scan them and then identify the anti-social elements.

Anti-Social #1[Place 1]: Writes the message in the email/blog and saves it without sending.

Anti-Social #2[Place 2]: Opens with same userID and Password, reads the same saved message and logs Off. 

What can the police do in such a situation?

This sure may sound, simple but trust me it can prove very costly and deadly as well.

Any thoughts??? views??? suggestions???


Sena heated up over SNS(orkut)!!!

Before you read this article, I would appreciate if you can read my previous post Here.

I was going through a Daily Newspaper, The Times of India, 12th june edition, in the front-page an article quoting ” Sena Cubs are part of target website”, Which was written in the context of Shiv-sena’s attacking some cyber cafes to protest against Social Networking site,

Shiva Sena’s attacks were due to some posts/articles on orkut quoting wrong about Shiva Sena supremo, Bal Saheb Thackery and his party.

What’s the point in attacking cyber cafes? Orkut is run by those people.

One more interesting fact is that, the “cubs” of shiv sena have their profiles and more than hundred friends on orkut.

Why dont they break computers at their home, rather than cyber cafes?

I was wondering, if this is going to be the mentality, soon sites like Desimartini, etc will have treat and also causing treat to wanna-bes.

Check out the article in the newspaper here.

Orkut in Newspaper

Drop in your comments/views on this!!!


The Dark Side of Mid-Day!!!

You call it Mid-Day is getting prepared to see the Mid-Night now, after being caught in the Plagiarising case. You feel shame, well, unfortunately they dont.

WAT Blog is a famous blog among bloggers with some really kool stuff on Web 2.0 domain. Now if Mid-Day “steals” the content from WAT Blog, what can any do?

Day before yesterday, I read a article in “Chattisgarh-group”, which is doing Citizen journalism, stating Indian media is not getting “Credits” it should it. Oh for what? They dont even know how to steal properly. Least, they could have change font, color, full-stops. I just hope the editor of Mid-Day is reading this article.

Dont believe me? Before you see the article, please read the original post.

See it, to believe it.

MidDay article

Now See the article from WAT BLOG.

Chitee ARticle by WAT Blog

Now, can be done for scenario like this? Bloggers speak loud, you guys are not audible to Mid-Day.

What other bloggers are saying?


Note: I cudnt get the exact source, guess Mid-Day is using Guruji, Indian Search Engine and it prompts me if I am searching for Chinese, when I type Chintee 🙂 Unconference Unplugged Again!!!


What is Podworks?

Podworks is India’s biggest unconference on Audio & Video podcasting.

Podworks Schedule?

Its in Tidel Park, Chennai on June 9th and 10th 2007.

Who’s behind Podworks?

I bet if you are one of those active bloggers/web-workers/entrepreneurs, you must have heard of Knowledge Foundation, Chennai. Sorry, gifts for guessing, the same guys behind Proto, BarCamp, WikiCamp.

What we can expect in Podworks?

You trust me on this, all unconferences are worth attending!!! No wonder, in Podworks, lot of sessions on Audio Sessions+ Video Sessions+ Social + Professional Networking.

Did I tell u, one can have loads of fun as well?

Where should I register for Podworks?

Awesome. You are already eager to attend. For now, just register here

I have already registered, and If you are also planning to attend. Drop me a line, we can surely catch up on coffee.


For wanna-be Entrepreneurs..Why Not to Start a Start-up?

I hear a lot of people around me, wishing but not willing to start a start-up. Reason?

“There can be a beautiful excuse if you dont want to do anything and there can be no reason why one cannot win if he wants to win”

But, there is more to this line. So being very obvious and general.

Paul Graham of YCombinator has a beautiful write-up on Why Not To Start a Start-up?

You can read it here!!!

I would say it’s a must for all wanna-be Entrepreneurs or for everyone!!!