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Creating cheap Indic web pages!!!

Yes, “cheap” in terms of ease to create a Indic language web pages.

For instance, first have a look at this Yahoo site in Hindi language. That would give a clear picture.

Now, how many apps we have which helps us create simple Indic web pages? Yes, we have enough CMS packages available and great applications like Yudit. But how much easy it is actually?

I figured out it is not “really” simple to do that, simple for me is something which a lay man can also understand and use.

So what can be the solutions for the problem?
1. Create a application like Yudit from scratch
2. Just build a simple Plug-In for the existing CMS editors which can be used with ease and effectively.

I am trying on something which if it works, could add up as second solutions. And, yes it is ofcourse under OpenKey project.

Any other solutions have u tried? or come across which helps u build simple Indic Web pages? Drop in comments and share with us.


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Project OpenKey: Update

Added Caps, Space and Enter keys functionality.

When we press Caps, Space and Enter button on the keyboard, we can see the result in our textarea and keyboard.

When u press “Caps” u can see the uppercase for the keyboard layout and again press it and u see lower case. Does it sound simillar to Our keyboard working? 😀

Mouse events + Keyboard events, both mapped with the virtual Keyboard, so that user can either use mouse or type.

So, Shusha keyboard layout is almost done.

Now, from monday onwards, its phonetic and typewriter model.

Yes, I wanted to upload all the screenshots but time 😦