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Spidey is back!!!

In life, you get some you loose some!!! What you love in life, can Hate you and Things you hate, can end up loving you. But, It hurts more when you loose what you love.

But, life goes on. Life has to go on.  As the saying goes in the movie, is very much applicable to real life as well.

“With great powers, comes great responsibilities”

Coz Spidey is Back!!!

Spidey I am planning to watch it, lets see if I can really make it up.



OpenIndx + CamStudio = Better Learning!!!

We thought of getting OpenIndx married with some effecient recording application.

So OpenIndx finally gets married with CamStudio.

Few days back, I contacted Nick, the project admin of CamStudio and he showed his interest in the concept and outcome of integrating both the projects.

Why Do we need CamStudio with OpenIndx?

CamStudio is no doubt one of the best open-source video recording applications and OpenIndx’s project, Kourse, an e-learning management suite so thought having demo’s is far better than just having a jargon.

Now, when we decided to integrate CamStudio, we are defining some headers so that for an end-user its very easy to port the videos and the flash files inside web page.

Our only aim to bring CamStudio into picture is to help and make learning a more better experience.

Keep looking more at this space for more updates.



PS: Special thanks to Nick, project admin of CamStudio, who will guide us as well on how to make OpenIndx better using camstudio.

PodTech: Interview of Apurv Pandit of – A forum for helping students choose B-Schools

Apurv Pandit is the chief editor of, India\’s biggest Web site for MBA students. (\”Pagal\” actually means \”Mad\” in Hindi)

This site, which had a humble beginning as a discussion forum, has grown tremendously to attract close to 100,000 members.

In this interview, Apurv shares the story behind PagalGuy, site monetization and their future plans.

Prior to this, Apurv has had five years\’ experience as a reporter in a number of national newspapers and an international news agency.

[podtech content=]

Easy 7: Advanced User Interface Practices

Easy 7: Advanced User Interface Practices conference is taking place on 05 January, 2007 @ Leela Palace, Bangalore, India.

This 1-day conference brings all the latest cutting edge technologies and methodologies in the UI space.

Yes, ofcourse this event will have some names consisting of

Bill Scott, Surya Vanka and ofcourse many more…


Let me tell u…its one of the most costly conference held in India. So do check your pockets before you register.


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Where’s the party tonight? : Josh!!!

Where’s the party tonight?

Josh!!! @ Chirst College Auditorium, Bangalore.

Today evening is special why? coz today Blore CTS is celebrating its cultural day. Yes, I am also a important part of it, me being audience 😀

Just going to check out how the corporate parties are?

I dont expect anything out of it, but yes if I get fun its like getting more than enough.

Anyways now time for me to get started and leave for the Party.