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Yahoo Open Hackday: Awesome Event!!!!

In this post, I am only talking about the event, my experience and in the next post follows the actual details of the hack!!!! 

I started from my place at 13.00pm, reached Taj Residency @MG Road.

Went upstairs, and Met Joe Arnold, I met him during D-Camp as well. Bhosky was already there. Vibhash, Prashant Mishra, Shourya Sarcar, Yousuf, Bala, Alagu were all there.

Finally around 15:30pm it all started with talks from Chirstian Heilman, Shivku and other folks.

At 1700pm the Hackday began and everyone started working on their hacks.

We formed a team, Me, Bala, Vibhash and Yousuf and after a lot of brainstroming, we decided to work on Yahoo Search Mashup!!!!
<wink>The details follow in next post, with code and demo 🙂 </wink>

We@ Workingworking.jpgwith_heilman.jpgwith_bharat.jpg

While the hack, we even had fun on the IRC Channel. Ventat from Y! even helped us with Y! Answers API.

The arrangements were just perfect from wireless setups to bean bags to coffee to food to drinks to video games to just everything.

During break session, I even met Sidu and we shared some thoughts on Start-ups, Entrepreneurship etc etc. It was informative.

I got even chance to speak to Mr.Bharat Vijay, the man who started Yahoo India operations 🙂

We had to present our hack in 90 seconds, and everyone showcased the stuff they worked on. I must admit, every idea was brilliant, lot of thought process and hard work behind it. The best part was that everyone present were awake for more than 24 straight hrs and still charged!!!! Amazing, thanks to tons of cofee and Red Bull

We didnt get any prize , but some people appreciated the efforts. We were happy about it 🙂

During Dinner, I even got a chance to speak to Yahoo’s Co-founder David Fil0. Yusuf quickly catched the moment in the camera. Even, got a snap with Chirstian Heilman as well.

Finally, when the time came to say goodbye, we all got a bean bag from Yahoo as well.

The best part was the gathering of some many talented people under one roof, you interact, you learn so many things and the energy was just flowing all around!!!!

I will soon be updating the post with pictures as well. Next post is abt the Yahoo Search Mash-up we have hacked!!!! So stay tuned.

For complete coverage:
1. Loads of Flickr images
2. List of Winners
3. Developer Network post

One of the best weekend, I have ever spent in my life. Thanks to all the folks at Yahoo!!!!


PS: Photo courtesy from hackers who have uploaded in Flickr.


Im coming to Yahoo Open HackDay!!!! R u?

Yup, I am coming to Yahoo Open HackDay. I got a confirmation from Yahoo about this today.

So, now what next? Think of an idea we can build during those 2 days and enjoy it.

I have thought of a small widget kind of an application called “Mini-Yahoo”

If you also have got Invitation for HackDay, please drop me a mail. we can discuss on the idea and build it.


PS: Did I tell you, hacking in Taj Residency could really be fun!!!!

Yahoo HackDay!!!!!

Yahoo HackDay is on 5-6th Oct 07

Its the first time in India, Yahoo has opened HackDay for everyone.

You can find the details and can also register it here


PS: Thanks to Alagu for the info 🙂

D-Camp, Unconference About Beauty!!!!

Finally Im very much excited to tell you all about the D-Camp Bangalore which is been scheduled on 15th September 07 @Yahoo.

What is D-Camp?

Its an unconference about Design, UX & UI practices. Design can be on a hand-held device, mobile, web or for Enterprises.

I have honestly look forward for such event from long time where people can talk, share and discuss about the design principles and practices.

Why? coz, Most of the time, developers are the worst designers 🙂

Where to find more details? 

Date & Venue:

Its on 15th September 07 @ Yahoo, Airport Road Office. More details when organizers provide

Looking forward for the event


BRTFF : Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival@Sunday 5th Aug!!!

BRTFF : Bangalore Roof Top Film Festival

Yes it is also a kind of unconference, where pals gather down for day on roof of some house with a projector and bring into movies. Not that kind of “saas-bhau-stuff”. But some theme based.

Now, please stop asking any doubts u have. Coz I have never been to this. This is my first exprience with BRTFF.

If you want more details please visit: 

I guess the registration for BRTFF 2 is over {Im NO organizer}, but still you could try by talking to organizers.

So if you happen to be there around. Drop me a comment. I shall catch u there.

Happy Weekend!!!!


First Bangalore Blogger’s Meet!!!!

Bangalore Blogger’s Meet :

This is a nice step towards making a great blogger community in Bangalore. No wonder we have some of the most wonderful blogs coming from Bangalore. But isnt it a great idea to really meet the bloggers in person and share the knowledge???

It sure is. What you should do now is to quickly register Here 

Some bloggers focus on Lifestyle, Fashion, Technology, Journal, what such events help is to get all these folks under one roof.  Guess its true, digital world is shrinking!!!

After this Meet, the group plans to have a collective during BarCamp which is scheduled this month end.  [Ref]

Bangalore Bloggers Meet is on 21st July. OMG, I remember something related to that day. Yes, Its my B’day!!!!

Hope to see you during Bangalore Blogger Meet. I am dropping out of this.

Details for the event: 

Bangalore Blogger Meet

Date : 21st July 🙂

Venue:   BrewHaHa,  Near Jyoti Nivas College,  Koramangala, Bangalore


PS: Yes, I guess Dhivya is right. But confusion was created coz Sanjukta’s blog says its on 7th July and the PBWiki site says 21st. What the Heck is this now? Huh?

PodWorks : My Experience!!!!

Podworks, India’s biggest podcasting unconference was held on 9th-10th June 2007 in Tidel Park, Chennai.

I must admit, it was a great learning experience for me as I was a newbie to Audio/video podcasting. Got to meet people, share ideas and fun as well.

I started on Friday 8th june in Shatabdi Express, along with Himanshu, Vibhash, Anil, Yousuf and Alok. Reached around 10pm to Chennai, Damn it was fcuking hot there. After finding them a nice hotel to stay, I went to IIT-Madras.

I met friends there, Jitendra, Venu, Sagar and prem. Then we spent around 3 hrs just gossiping around with jitendra and venu. {they are my close buddies}

Next morning, I got geared to attend Podworks. Day one.

When I reached I saw other folks have already reached, and kiruba was making an opening speech, basics of podcasting, professional podcasters etc.

Then some topics came out on which people were willing to learn. I along with Himanshu, Vibhash took a topic “Basics of Blogging for WordPress & Blogger”. It was mainly about how to add widgets to blogs.

Guess, it was good and informative. If not, mind-blowing, atleast svenks got benefitted out of it, as he learnt to make a blog and how to add widgets 🙂

Then was time for some “Vitamin M”. A talk by Sunil Nair, CEO of on how to make money!!!! Hmmmmmm

Followed by talk by Karthik Kannan about how to create a Audio Podcast. It was very useful, as I did some hands-on as well 🙂

Then, time for lunch, their did some networking with folks from, Mr.Krishna Prasad of, Preethi, Mr.Suresh Bhagavatula, Vijay Anand, Syed  and a lot of other interesting people.

Noon, session went with some more talks and finally in the evening we went to Beach House. Mr.Seshadrinathan of arranged a Band, named “Hang-over”, trust me they were awesome!!!

I even made a small instant theme their for podworks.

Check the video here

Then after that, kept talking with John and Venkatesh. Some real serious talks. Went to beach near by. Slept at 6am 😦

Next morning, got quickly ready and then left to Tidel Park. Had breakfast first 🙂

Attented some talks, met some people and same stuff. Did some photo-sessions too.

In the evening, I came back to IIT, then me, venu and jitu went to a near-by hotel. Had nice dinner, then both of them came to drop me.{I insisted not to, who listens to me}

Then, got a volvo to Bangalore and next morning when eyes opened, I was back to my Den.

It was my second unconference and like previous one, this too was good in terms of learning and making new friends.