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Webtoons for Podworks. Please leave your feedback.

I have been working on making some Webtoons for Podworks unconference.


I know you will hate me for delaying but I am sure, you know the pain of Day job as well. Dont you? Kool.

So Here I am with 4 of my webtoons. I have tried capturing them using my mobile so clarity is not that good. But if you like the concept or the webtoons itself. Please drop me a line.

Thanks to Amit Ranjan’s company Slideshare for easy sharing of slideshows 🙂

Your feedback can help me to improve things I am lacking.

Also let everyone know which one you liked???



I am a Blogger,I love Blogging!!!

I am a Blogger,I love Blogging!!!

Okay, to really prove this I have created a comic character for you all. Its called as a “Nerd Monster, who loves to blog”.

Take a look at the image below and let me know what you feel after seeing this. At the end of the post I have given what this image stands for:

Take a look, draw your conclusions, drop in comments and read what I was thinking when I created it.


Okay, now you want to know what I was thinking when I created it.

So many things in one snap.
1. Did u notice that the monster looks like a nerd? call it a Geek?
2. Did u notice that the blogger is challenging the people in Big Firms and Buildings?
3. Did u see the aggression on his face? Thats the power of blogger
4. Dont you think that, now-a-days Blogs speak louder than any Daily Newspaper?
5. Didnt u think that this blogger stands-apart from everyone else?

I thought so many things before creating this monster.

You are free to drop your comments/critics/feedbacks for improvement. Or above all just drop a line saying you liked it or not?