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I am glad that you really came to this page.

If you want to Hire me/Pay me/Scold me or even better buy me a laptop.

Please feel free to drop me a line :




19 responses to “Contact Me”

  1. veenaa says :

    Hi…this is to start with “hi” as u rightly mentioned. I read ur blog and am impressed. I wd follow it as time permits. Always wondered if i can blog…coz writing is difficult to me but hve the urge to do so sans the patience. well i guess i need to develop the patience to put my thoughts in words…..oops i’m sorry i must hve bored u by now. So i stop here and await ur reply. Btw, u may add me to orkut (veenaa is my id ) and google talk if u wish…….Rgds


  2. Tauseef says :

    Your blog boosts me too Sri.. I am trying to buid up my Tech”know”logy and trying to blog too..
    all the best for your dreams and aspirations.

    This is for you Veenaa…All the best for blogging.. hope to see your blog soon.

  3. S. Saravanan says :

    I am impressed with your discussion in BCB4, also wants to share information with you (hopefully u can share ur ideas!!!).

  4. srinix says :

    Hey Sarvanan,

    I am glad u liked the session we had. Yes I would be happy to share the infomation and resources I have.



    Hello sir,
    this is the my Nokia battery no.0670400382066N293A2TQ26971 and I look the many advertis for battery problem so sir Please tell for my battery’s series problem.

  6. srinix says :


    Please read my post related to “Nokia battery”. Follow the link and u shud be able to figure out if ur battery needs replacement.


  7. vikas shah says :

    Regarding your blog post at venture woods , I am interested in founding a company in consumer internet space.I am engineer by qualification with MBA (mark+fin) .Working with an airlines as manager since last 4 and a half years.
    Can mail me the details at or can call me at 9327919212
    This is for any body reading this mail.Any internet idea you have,can share with me .May we synchronise and work together.
    Vikas Shah
    Ahmedabad ( Current Posting)
    Jaipur (Permanent residence)

  8. Pawej says :

    Hi Sir

    I want to store Hindi language in MYSQL.
    I create a table
    create table damy (name varchar(20)) character set UTF8;
    and insert the values in hindi copy from MS-WORD but it MYSQL it
    shows in english.

    Sir please help me


  9. kay says :

    hi Sir .

    I’m surffing on websurfing.
    I found your blog ^^

    will frequently visit your blog.
    yet I ain’t started blog operation.
    I goin’ to still connection with you. I hope ^^

    I impressed your insight !

    oh! my.. nice to meet you ^^
    and… from kay

  10. Sakib Al Mahmud says :

    nice to know you dear…

  11. javi says :

    We are using jpgraph at the moment on php sles and mysql but it really difficult for the customers to use it .
    I am looking for a product which will intergrate through our existing presentation tree, be easy to use and run reports in batch mode.

    Any idea which tool will integrate with our existing technologies and should be user friendly.

  12. srivyal says :

    Dear Sir, I am Srivyal Vuyyuri.

    I am the Founder, Sphoorti Foundation ( If you happen to visit Hyderabad, we would like you to visit Sphoorti and interact with our children.


  13. Rakibul Islam says :

    nice blog, with good contents.

  14. hiteshsathawane says :

    hello shridhar this is a good blog
    but please post some more comments and help us to resolve our issues

  15. braynx says :

    well im trying to get a credit card so i was woundering if u could help me with one for free

  16. Rajesh says :

    Hi Sri,

    This is Rajesh Mishra , Dhanbad . I am working on php and mysql that too want to display Hindi data from MySql database . I have a database in hindi I manage it to export in csv and imported it from MySql so in MySql our database is showing the data in hindi but when we try to retrieve the data from MySql table it is either showing ???????? in names where hindi is written or when we set $link=mysql_query(“SET NAMES ‘utf8′”); then it displays दुर्गापुर this type of fonts not in hindi. Whereas our data is in Hindi .

    Please guide me how to solve this issue

  17. Preeti says :

    Hello Sir,

    i m preeti, i am making my project in punjabi language in php & mysql too want to display punjabi data from MySql database, my values are appearing in database. but it did not appear in page.

    when i echo the value it just print ?????. so plz help me to print the values in a page and please send the code to print the pujabi values from mysql to php page. if u can help me please send the proper code the display punjabi data frome database.
    Please guide me how to solve this issue ,its urgent


  18. Nathan Hays says :

    I love Big Time Rush! I cannot wait to see them in Concert!

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